So, you have a website. Now what? – Let’s maintain it and keep it awesome.

What does it mean to “maintain” your site? Well, there are several things that must be done to ensure your site loads quickly, loads correctly, and stays secure. We can make sure that your site continues to run like new, or maybe even better than when it was new!

Is website maintenance affordable?

Yes! As we are a small business ourselves, we know that time is very valuable. You don’t want to worry about your site. You just want it to run! That’s what we try to provide. On all of our new website plans, we include one free year of website maintenance as outlined above. We keep your site up-to-date, online, and ready for your customers to find. After the first year, we can either show you how to maintain your own site for free, or continue to host and maintain your site for a mere $99 per year.* (That’s less than $9/month!)

* This price does not apply to e-commerce sites as they require much more hands-on maintenance. But, if you avail of our Graduate or Executive plans, we’ll simply charge a flat $99 rate per year to maintain your site as it has been made. (We don’t believe in “fine print“.)

Why go with us?

  • We have years of experience in customizing all sorts of sites – both big and small – and we have the energy to do even more!

  • We give time and attention to every client, treating each new site with as much care as we would treat our own.
  • We are a one-stop shop. We can assist you with not only your new website, but also with continuous upkeep and maintenance, as well as branding support.

Got questions?

We will reply ASAP to help you get started on improving your presence online.

Please include as many details as possible in your message for us, so that we can give you as good of a reply as possible!

If we think we can help, we will send you an assessment of your situation and tell you how we think we might help.

Stay safe!

Learn about our three plans.

See which plan might be right for your business. It is not always the most expensive plan or the plan with the most “bells & whistles” that’s a good fit. Many businesses can do just fine with a solid 5-page site – like the Graduate plan – to highlight their products and services. Take a look and see which plan might be right for you!

“The Graduate Plan”

Primarily for start-ups & home or farm-based businesses

“The Executive Plan”

Primarily for bigger, established businesses with portfolios

“The Merchant Plan”

Primarily for e-commerce sites selling their products online